Holyland 2nd trip (March 22-April 2 2017)

Amman, Jordan (March 23-24, 2017)

March 22, 2017 (Day 1) Jakarta-Amman

17.40 By Etihad airline from Jakarta to Abu Dhabi take about 8 hours
23.20 Arrived at Abu Dhabi  International Airport 
01.00 am to Amman 3 hours away.
02.25 Arrived at Queen Alia International Airport. (Jordan time)
20 of us in a group come from all different places in Indonesia: Medan, Palopo, Dili, Pamanukan, Bandung, Klaten, Surabaya, Bali and Jakarta. Peserta yang paling senior is oma Dorkas, a 79 years old Torajanese oma. The high spirit oma who would even like to climb Mt Sinai with us…:)



March 23, 2017 (Day 2) Big Petra-Shoubak Castle-Nebo

04.20 Breakfast at Petra Rest house (Karak)
07.00 Moses Spring (mata air Musa) or Moses’ well
07.30 – 09.30 Big Petra (Amman to Petra – 3 hour drive, 236km)

Big Petra was the first place we visited as we arrived in Amman, after a very early breakfast which was at 04.00 am in Karak area. A driver and a guide picked us up from Queen Alia airport, don’t remember their name. The guide was changed with another guide in the afternoon after lunch as he was not very much involved with us. We picked up Madji on our way to Mount Nebo as the other guide get off of the bus. Madji’s bahasa Indonesia was very good, he’s very talkative and friendly. Everybody was so happy with him. Too bad that he didn’t come in the first place, so he could have explained to us about Big Petra. Anyway we welcomed Madji happily.



11.00 Shoubak Castle
Shoubak was originally called Krak de Montreal or Mons Regalis. Built in 1115, it was the first of many fortifications built beyond the Jordan by King Baldwin I of Jerusalem to guard the road from Egypt to Damascus. It successfully resisted a number of sieges until it fell to Saladin’s troops in 1189.
Shoubak castle a beautiful hilltop fortress from the times of the Crusaders.

12.00 Lunch at Ma’an area (Changed the guide after lunch)
15.00 Mt Nebo
We stopped at Mount Nebo, approximately 817 metres above sea level, the place where Moses was granted a view of the Promise Land. The Land of Israel, which God had said he would not enter, and to die there. Moses was buried in an unknown valley location in Moab.
16.00 left mount Nebo then visited the store (mozaic shop?)
17.00 otw to hotel in Amman
18.00 arrived at Grand Palace Hotel, Amman.
19.00 Dinner




Friday, March 24 (Day 3) Allenby Border-Nazareth-Cana-Tiberias



05.00 Morning call
06.00 Breakfast
07.15 Checked out
10.40 passed the market (Derallah village?)
11.00 passed Jordan-Israel border (Allenby) Sheikh Hussein Bridge border crossing (Beit She ‘an)
12.00 Precipice mountain (only 10-15 minutes here) then headed to Nazareth for lunch
12.20 Lunch at Zeit W Zaitoun Restaurant
13.10 Sumur Maria/Mary’s well
13. 25 Rumah Maria ( Gereja kabar sukacita-The Basilica of Annunciation)
15.00 Cana (Wedding Renewal)
17.00 Tiberias (Club Hotel) check in  (Cana to Tiberias 30 minutes drive)
19.00 Dinner at the hotel




Saturday, March 25 (Day 4) – Mount Hermon-transfiguration of Jesus
05.00 Morning prayer
06.00 Breakfast
07.15 otw to Mt. Hermon up to the north, border with Syria
08.10 Banias (tempat Petrus mengakui Jesus adalah putra Allah) Matthew 16:13
09.00 Arrived at Mt Hermon, met Pak Reo and Salim here.
09.30 up to the top by chair lift
10.15 Down back to the bus
10.45 Otw back to Tiberias for lunch
12.00 Lunch at Tanureen Galilee restaurant
1.20  Gereja Pelipat gandaan 5 roti dan 2 ikan, Heptagonal.
Mensa Christi / Peter’s Primacy
Capharnaum, the town of Jesus
3.00 Mount of Beautitudes (Bukit bahagia)
4.00 Shop inside the fields (toko di tengah ladang)
5.00 Back to hotel









Sunday, March 26 (Day 5)
04.30 Morning Prayer
06.00 Breakfast
07.00 check out otw to Jericho
09.00 Qasr-Al Yahud, Baptism site for oma Dorkas
10.00 to the Dead Sea for floating (Kalia beach)
11.10 to Jericho, the lowest city on earth
Bukit Percobaan, pencobaan di padang gurun (Matthew 4:-10) .
Bought dates in a store here. (katanya buah kurma asli n enak ada disini)
12.00 lunch near Elisha’s spring resto
13.00 Jericho wall, tembok Jericho
14.00 to Bethany (Betania),
14.25  gua/kubur Lazarus(Lazarus tomb), Bethany church (the house of poor)
15.30 Shepherd Field (Bukit gembala) – Bethlehem
16.00 Shopping at the store in Bethlehem, bought olive oil
18.00 check in Manger Square hotel








Monday, March 27 (Day 6)
05.00  Walked to the Nativity Church – Gereja kelahiran Jesus. 2 minutes from the hotel.
06.00 breakfast
08.00 to Mount of Olives (Bukit Zaitun) – Gereja Kenaikan Jesus – East Jerusalem
09.00 Mount of Olives
10.00 to Taman Getsemani
10.30  Gereja segala bangsa Mat 26:36-46
11.00 to the house of Kayafas (dimana Petrus menyangkal Jesus 3x)
12.00 Lunch at “Mandarin” Chinese restaurant
13.00 Bukit Golgota, Garden Tomb (Kubur Jesus) versi Kristen, guide by Mr Bertyl a                      volunteer from Sweden.
14.00 To Jerusalem Wall-Rampart Walk-keliling tembok Jerusalem
14.30 start Rampart walk – keliling tembok Jerusalem
15.00 Rampart walk ended
15.30 Perjamuan Terakhir (Upper Room Matthew 26:17-25) – David Tomb
Patung David
16.30 Wailing Wall – Tembok Ratapan
17.00 Starts Viadolorosa – Jalan Salib
17.30 finnished Jalan salib
18.00 Back to hotel
19.00 Dinner at the hotel







Tuesday, March 28 (Day 7)
06.00 Breakfast
06.30 Checked out
07.30 to Al AqsoDome of the RockGolden GateSt Anna Church – Kolam Bethesda                    (bad traffic at this hour, should start from the hotel at 07.00)
09.00 arrived outside the gate in a long queue
10.00 to Qumran
10.30 Qumran, then shop while waiting for lunch hour (a lady at the shop gave me a                    gift:cleanser&moisturizer)
11.30 Lunch in the same area.
12.30 Otw to Taba
13.15 Patung Istri Lot
15.30 Eilat
16.00 Taba border (Good bye to Anis, the guide and Kefah the driver)
17.30 Checked in Movenpick hotel (met Egypt’s guide Miccho and Ebrahim  and                      driver Pak Adel and his assisten Mohamad, pak Adel’s son)
18.00 Swimming at the Red Sea and at the hotel’s hot swirling pool
19.30 Dinner at hotel












Wednesday, March 29 (Day 8)

05.30 Morning prayer
07.00 Breakfast
08.00 Checked out and otw to St Catherine Sinai (2.5 – 3 hours away)
08.20 Passed by Benteng Salahudin Al- Ayubi, benteng yang dibangun Salahudin 1171M                 untuk  melindungi Mesir dari serangan tentara perang salib yang datang dari Eropa.
09.30 St Catherine area, turn right.
10.30 St Catherine, Sinai (while waiting for lunch we flied our written prayers by                          balloons to the top of the mountains. O we went to see the ‘Lembu Emas’ first.
11.00 Lunch (Seafood) at Morgan Land resto
11.30 5 of us up to Sinai mountain (Pak Laurens, Fanny, Dr Mesak, Danar and myself)
Getting ready, we put on a yellow jacket, tongkat and I met Immanuel at his shop                and he gave me a neklace (bintang Daud neklace). Pak Djoni gave me $150 to pay                for the camels for 5 of us, I gave it to Miccho.
12.30 a small bus took us to the foot of the mountain near St catherine monastery.
12.56 Riding a camel up to the mountain (1 hour by camel).
14.00 get off the camel and up by foot
14.22 reach Elijah’s basin
14.57 reach the top (our top, 1 hour on foot) where we stopped and started getting down
16.45 arrived at St Catherine (1 hour and 45 minutes down)
To Sharm El-Sheikh with the same bus, small bus (Our group has left us)
20.00 or 20.30 arrived at the hotel in Sharm El-Sheikh, Hilton Sharm Waterfals Resort
Late late dinner.




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benteng Salahudin, otw to sinai from Taba
benteng Salahudin, otw to Sinai from Taba



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Thursday, March 30th (Day 9)
06.00 Morning prayer
07.00 Breakfast
08.30 checked out, visit Goptic Church the most beautiful church in the world.
09.20 otw to Cairo
13.30 lunch at Moon Beach resto
15.30 Mara, Musa mengubah air pahit menjadi manis
16.30 Suez canal
18.15 arrived at the Cairo suburb near the airport for dinner (very close to the airport)
20.15 Checked in Grand Nile Tower hotel



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Friday, March 31 (Day 10)
06.00 Morning prayer
07.00 breakfast
08.00 to Pyramid in Giza
10.00 Siwa perfume
11.00 Cotton shop (T shirt shop))
12.00 Lunch at the Chinese restaurant New Wang Fu
13.30 Abu Simbel Papyrus, Giza
15.00 Bukit Mokhatam (Gereja Sampah)




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Saturday, March 1 April (Day 11)
06.00 Morning prayer
07.00 breakfast
09.00 To Gereja Alkitab terapung, tepi sungai Nil. (12 March 1976, sebuah kotak berisi Alkitab mengapung bertentangan dengan arus air menuju ke arah gereja, berbahasa Mesir ukuran 30×50 cm, terdapat ayat Yesaya:”…yang berisi memberkatimu di Mesir”. Karena peristiwa ini dibangunlah di tempat ini sebuah gereja yang dinamakan Gereja Alkitab mengapung). Coptic Orthodox Patriarchiate, Monastery and Virgin Mary Church-Adawia
10.20 to Goshen Land by Falukah (the Hebrew lived  here for 430 years). Falukah or Felucca is a small wooden boat used  along the Nile river.
11.40 back to the other side by with the same falukah, otw for lunch
12.48 at the mall near the airport for Lunch, PEKING resto.
14.15 otw to Cairo International airport
17.40 Flight to Abu Dhabi by Etihad
23.25 Arrived in Abu Dhabi (3 hours away)- bought 3 packs of choc here.




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Sunday, April 2 (Day 12-last day)
03.00 flight to Jakarta
15.00 Arrived safely in Soekarno Hatta airport, thank God for I am so blessed!!!




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