A Day at Leuwi Hejo, Sentul

Leuwi Hejo is a small waterfall near Sentul City, 30 minutes drive from Jakarta. From Sentul City it took us about another 30 minutes drive to the ‘waterfall’ passed the up and down plus bad road. You need to drive very carrefuly since the road is very narrow. Since it’s a long summer season, the road also very very dusty. So if you come during summer, make sure you bring a mask and a hat!

IMG_1172The view on the way to the waterfall

We went there yesterday  Sept, 24 during an Idhul Adha holiday, five of us a group of waterfall speciality..hahahh:) Menti the Bataknese girl, Tersi a Sundanese lady, Pak Rusli from Jambi and his wife bu Lanny from Solo and myself. So five of us are from five different tribes, five different personality plus five different status and of course five different life. The similarity about us is one : kaki gatal (means itchy foot), we love travelling 🙂


Our first stop is called Leuwi Barong, where we swam happily since the water so fresh but freezing cold. Leuwi Barong is about 10 minutes walking up the hill from Leuwi Hejo. Another spot people called Leuwi Lie’ek is another 10 minutes up the hill ahead.

IMG_1161Leuwi Barong

IMG_1112The tiny Leuwi Barong waterfall

IMG_1164down the hill to Leuwi Lie’ek and Leuwi Ce’pet. It’s Menti, the Bataknese girl.

IMG_1104Up the hill to Leuwi Lie’ek

IMG_1170we went through this short tunnel to Leuwi Lie’ek, the deepest of the water is up to my neck. We left our backpack to an old man whose guiding it  by the side, waiting till we came back. Tersi and Pak Rusli put their camera and the phones in a plastic bag to prevent it from getting wet. I left mine in my backpack because I wanted to enjoy swimming at that ‘tunnel’.

IMG_11634 of us with the bapak warung. Ibu Lanny didn’t join us to the curug up the hill, so she was waiting for us instead at the warung.

(To be continued…)


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